Real Estate & Construction

We at Thomas Nelson Attorneys understand that Real Estate is the main conduit of all investment needs our clients have. Our ‘market niche’ is providing corporate clients, as well as individuals with coordinated, cost effective, real estate counsel across Zimbabwe and other foreign jurisdictions. We help our clients coordinate and manage real estate in an international market perspective as well as locally. Internationally, we manage to advise our clients through our associates and strategic partners across the globe. This ensures value for money and quality services to our clients. With the emergence of multilateral investment agreements and availability of investment opportunities both in Real Estate sector and others, the construction industry has also boomed overnight. Thomas Nelson Attorney’s thus offers a steady legal bridge in between the laws, policies, stakeholders, agencies and the general public. Our clients enjoy an assortment of our legal services across issues such as; Advice and representation in Dispositions and Conveyance of real estate, Property tax, Investments in lands, Real estate and Construction litigation and Arbitration, Permits and Licenses etc.